Terms and Conditions:

Buying of Devices:

Any blacklisted or stolen devices sent to us will be handed over to the SAPS with the sender’s details.

We cannot purchase devices that have account locks activated. If we receive a phone and these conditions are not met, the owner must either meet the conditions by unlocking the device remotely, or pay a courier fee of R250 to have the device returned to them.

Devices that are sent to us will have their software reset to factory settings. All your data on the device will be deleted permanently. No exceptions will be made. No backups will be made and the data will not be recovered. 

If you send us a dead device, we reserve the right to attempt to repair it on the day we receive it. If we are able to repair it and it is locked to an account, we will request it to be unlocked, as well as the screen lock code, if there is one on the phone. We will make payment once it is unlocked from all accounts.

If the seller wishes to purchase the repaired device back, they can purchase it back at 20% less than the market value. While we take all the risk when buying dead device, we would also like to have the opportunity to help sellers, if we were able to repair their device. If the seller chooses to buy their device back, payment is due within 24 hours, or the device will be advertised publicly.

The offer your receive on the website is not binding on SellYourHuawei.co.za. It is still our decision whether to buy the device or not. We retain the right to refuse purchasing the device. If we receive a device that we decide not to buy, we will return it to the owner by courier, at our own cost.

If we receive a device that is significantly different to what was described in the seller’s submission form, a new offer may be made to the seller. Should the seller decline the offer, a courier fee of R250 will be payable to return the device.

Device Grades